Developing Leadership DNA ©

What we do

  • Coaching of business owners

  • Executive coaching

  • Leadership team coaching

  • Personality assessments

  • HiPo Development programs and Succession planning

  • Mentoring

  • Vertical development

  • Competency models development

  • Working with values

  • Corporate and Leadership culture projects

  • Other Organizational Development projects

For whom

CEO, Top, Medium and Line Management
  • Achieving effectiveness in  teamwork of the CEO and functional managers

  • Eliminating toxic behavior at the management level

  • Communications, structure, roles in the management team 

  • Focusing on strategic priorities

  • Leadership

  • Succession planning and development, leadership development

  • Creation of leadership competency models 

  • Executive coaching

  • Organizational Development solutions

  • Road maps for career development

  • Effective HR and business partnership

Business owners
  • Relationship with other business owners 

  • Consistency regarding strategic direction and the roles

  • Defining purpose and mission of the business

  • Interaction with the CEO and the management team

  • Life balance, professional burnout, working with other personal requests

Board of Directors
  • Achieving effectiveness in the work of BoD

  • Interaction between BoD's members, maximum realization of the potential of BoD's members

  • Gender features of interaction of BoD's members

  • Psychological Aikido as a decision-making tool in the BoD's

  • Synchronization of individual personality characteristics of 
    BoD's members

Levels of work in the organization



Relationships between people


Organization as a system

Organization as a part of eco-system

Organizations are complex systems.

To help organizations to be healthy and prosper, you need to understand it at different levels. Often the symptoms that we are invited to work with at the individual level, reveal problems at a higher system level. Understanding these various levels and system processes allows us to find the most effective approaches of work with organizations.

Our arsenal contains the knowledge, the experience and the tools for working at all the levels of the organization, and this is what helps us to be the most useful to our customers.

Our tools

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Why clients choose us

Integrated solutions for the development of organizations and leaders


Acclaimed areas of experience: business owners and executive coaching, systemic team coaching, vertical development, overall organizational effectiveness

Client centricity, flexibility, speed

Unique experience with the best assessment tools (HOGAN, Global Leadership Profile, Team Connect 360)

Significant experience in leadership roles

Work experience in international companies (multicultural environment, different management traditions)

Experience with companies in various industries (consulting, retail, FMCG, banking and financial sectors, manufacturing, mining and energy, and other.)


Our feedbacks

"Ekaterina helped my colleagues and me to understand our strengths and those sides that require development. She helped teams to figure out difficult relationships and disruptors that distract us from achieving ambitious goals more quickly."

Top managers of well-known companies trust us